It's hard to believe it, but Ed Sheeran is only 25 today.

Yes, that's right, over-30s: he's already achieved more than you ever will in your life, is rich beyond his wildest dreams, has a reputation for being pop music's 'nicest guy' and he's STILL officially only in his mid-twenties.

To celebrate, we've picked 8 of contemporary music's most famous ginger biggest songs, in no particular order of preference:



1) 'DON'T'

Allegedly written about his tryst with Ellie Goulding (and her alleged tryst with Niall Horan), this track showcased Sheeran's penchant for throwing an oul' r&b flavour into his songs.



The song written for the closing credits of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug', Sheeran was asked by director Peter Jackson to write the song after his young daughter suggested he was suitable. Not a bad call.



Sheeran's first mega-hit was also his debut single. Not the most romantic subject matter, mind – it was written after visiting a homeless shelter and meeting people addicted to Class A drugs – but it put him firmly on the map.


A simple acoustic ditty with a sweet touch and a memorable chorus – it's what he's best at.


5) 'DRUNK'

A song that had parents of middle class teenagers tut-tutting and raising their eyebrows, it's a love song disguised under a cloud of booze. Oh yeah, and the cover art depicted a pint of Guinness in a nod to his Irish roots.



This is a song that perfectly sums up Sheeran's appeal to millions – it's a simple song with a catchy melody and a big singalong chorus 


7)  'SING'

Produced by, co-written  and featuring Pharrell, this nifty, super-catchy number was known to get even the most ardent Sheeran-hater tapping their feet. Don't deny it, ardent Sheeran-haters.



Of course it had to be in here. Perhaps the smoochiest love song of a generation, this track will soundtrack weddings for millennials long into the next few decades. It's been streamed a billion times and the video has been watched on YouTube close to a billion times, too. We just wonder how Marvin Gaye's estate haven't been in touch yet.