We can't say we're too surprised to hear this, considering how Sheeran has been very vocal in his appreciation of Foy Vance in the past - but now it's official.

The Northern Irish musician is the second signing to Sheeran's label Gingerbread Man Records, following his fellow Englishman Jamie Lawson earlier this year.

Sheeran and Vance go way back; the latter has supported the ginger singer on tours over the years and Sheeran sang on Vance's song 'Guiding Light', from his 2013 album 'Joy of Nothing'. He even has a tattoo of lyrics from the song on his arm.

He said: "Foy’s always been an artist I’ve admired since meeting him in 2006. We've become touring buddies over the past few years and he's actually out in Australia with me at the moment on the final leg of my 'x' tour. His vocals are going to blow you away and I can't wait for you all to hear the record."

Bangor man Vance, whose first album for the label will be released in spring 2016, said: "I feel a deep sense of peace signing to an artist led label, not least of all because the artist in question is our Ed. Every time I've turned around in the last few years he has had my back."

If you're not aware of Vance's music, check out the gorgeous song below: