Man of the moment Ed Sheeran hinted at a new song yesterday morning - and it's now available to listen to on Soundcloud and as a free download.

The singer and guitarist has teamed up with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on 'Growing Pains (Sloane's Song)' - a song inspired by Macklemore recently becoming a dad to daughter Sloane, born in May.

"I've always had some make-believe image in my head of who I would be as a father," he wrote. "I held on to clear expectations of where I wanted be in my career, my age, my level of self-care, and my maturity. I basically assumed that I'd have it all together. But in actuality the hypothetical 'dad' version of me looked completely different than the man whose heart was beating out of his chest on the carpet, praying to a god or spirit I hadn't talked to in months. When Tricia walked out of the bathroom, I knew. And I knew I had to change."

Hear the song below, and see to download it for free.