Is Eamon Doyle the new Eminem, or just another one-hit wonder? Certainly his number one single 'F*** It' is one of the most memorable songs of the year, if only because it manages to use the F word a mind-boggling 30 times. His debut album, however, doesn't offer too much evidence that the 20-year-old Staten Islander (named after our own Eamon Coughlan) will be able to keep the momentum going. A couple of other tracks show off his talent for storytelling hip-hop, with doo-wop beats and naggingly catchy tunes. Elsewhere, however his attitude to women leaves a lot to be desired - he tells one he's been sleeping with her best friend, another she's got to dump all her friends if she wants to sleep with him again and yet another she's a slut for sleeping with him at all. So, Eamon certainly has plenty of attitude and his album is undeniably good fun. But he also has a bit of growing up to do.