Not to be confused with London 5-piece The Duke Spirit, Duke Special is another kettle completely. Belfast artist Peter Wilson, aka The Duke, is a rare breed. Refreshingly authentic, his lyrics smart with tangible sincerity and his soft Northern brogue is a far cry from the fake American accents singing about a California they've never seen which currently dominate the charts. Wilson's antique-sounding songs are emphasised by a rather unique combination of noisemakers. Namely: cheese graters, wardrobe doors, pianos, harps, brass, strings and a gramophone which fizzes continually in the background like an old friend. Unsurprisingly this heartfelt and talented young man has already played support to Aqualung, Rufus Wainwright, Paddy Casey, Jack Power and BellX1. After several listens, Adventures in Gramophone becomes something you find yourself singing to, dancing to and, occasionally, mooning to. And who can fail to be charmed by a man asking you to choose him above the best? The Duke certainly wears his heart on his album sleeve for our listening pleasure. And a real pleasure it is. A wonderfully interesting debut, the prospect of where a second album may take him is positively gleeful.