It's exceptionally brave to emblazon your influences on your sleeve. Often times it's to a band's detriment, but thankfully this is not the case when it comes to this Dublin based electronica quartet. They've managed to create a debut album in the same league as their plethora of peers, a sound that is anchored in old school sensibilities but kept afloat throughout with a boundless ingenuity. There's a tainted adolescent innocence permeating each track - possibly because it harks back to the glory days of the mid-90s, when the Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, and Leftfield ruled this reviewer's teendom. And like every teenager worth their salt - every track on this album has the propensity to turn on the listener. Once you've been lulled by the beautifully melancholic vocals over hypnotic industrial drums, you're then propelled into layers of tinkling keyboards, clattering percussion and visceral roars - informing you that you're listening to a home grown homage to Boards of Canada, strung together with whispery harmonies - which then escalate into Aphex Twin beats territory. It doesn't end there; the attention to detail on each track is all-consuming - from the barely audible movie sound bite in the closing bars of 'Standing at 42' to the ending of last offering of the album, the quintessential comedown track, 'Take The Stairs. If one had to pick holes; they possibly rely too heavily on vocal double tracking which might lead to question their ability live, but, as a recorded debut offering however, this is an exciting promise of what's to come from Ireland's electronica clique.