Our resident neurosurgeon/hair expert Dr. Jesús Angel took the trip to Stradbally for Electric Picnic last weekend. What did he think of it? And, more importantly, how did his hair last the weekend? Read on...

Hello to you my beautiful amigos in Ireland! 

So, c’mon I know you are sad eet is over but how much fun was El Picnico? I juuust loved the boys from VANN music. That Aaron almost has better hair than me. ALMOST.

I had planned on telling you about all the highlights of mi weekend like David O’Doherty taking the, how you say ‘peees’ out of people, and seeing that legend Nile Rodgers from Chic! I love that guy so much it hurts, literally. I dislocated my pelvis doing my Latin dance interpretation of his classic ‘Le Freak’.

Buuut I have decided to give you teeps on how to recover instead as c’mon, we’ve all been there. Too many beer shandies and not enough sleep.

Tip One : Make sure you get whoever is driving you home to stop off in a estation petrol before you get back to your house. Once you get home you will not get off the couch so buy some nachos, some chocolate and fruta. Me likes smoothies. Mmm.

Tip Two : For God’s sake have a shower, or even better a bath, something with agua. I know eeets easy to go straight to the couch but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly washed hair.

Tip Three : Bed. Hopefully you left your room clean but that’s not mi problema. Once you are clean and full you’ll sleep like a leeetle lamb.

Hasta next year amigos. Eees has been emocional.