Our resident festival expert/style guru Dr. Jesús Ángel is back with some top tips for this weekend's Electric Picnic. Having spent the summer here and witnessed nearly everything that the Irish festival calendar has to offer, Jesús seems to quite excited about this weekend - and who wouldn't be? Let's just hope it doesn't rain on that wonderful hair of his...

Hello to you my beautiful amigos in Ireland.

Sadly the time has come for me to leave Irlanda as the summer is over. My God, I can’t cope with the rain so I must return to my hemisphere. So how do I celebrate my last weekend in Irlanda? With the mammy of Irish festivals, El Picnic Electric. The only fiestaval I make a camping exception for, well if you can call staying in a fabulous tee pee with bear rugs and pamper palace camping.

Now here are my tips to make sure you have fabulous fiestaval.

Fashion Tip : If you eeensist on wearing those tini shorts puh-lease ask yourself this. ‘Ees my T shirt longer than my shorts?’ Let’s not kid ourselves. There eees only one Rihanna and you are not her so just admit that those shorts are knickers and get a proper pair that cover your bum. No one needs to see that.

Be clean Tip : I know, I know, eees fun to lay in tent in morning talking about who you kiss, who you see but this is three days and you my friends are only playing at being hippies so WASH! The showers at EP are muy bueno. Oh and bring your rubbish home!

Amigos Tip : Make new ones. Ees so annoying waiting around for your friends. I say ‘looose’ them and make new ones. When else can you hang out in a field with a chico called Moonjava?

Musica Tip : Make sure you go to see Outkast and shake it like a polaroid picture. Eeet make me dance so good.

Here is another tip: respect your hair, always!

Goodbye for now
Dr. Jesús Ángel.

Keep an eye on entertainment.ie's Summer Festivals section for everything Electric Picnic related this weekend. It's our job to make sure you don't miss a beat!