Thirty-six fans of AVICII were rushed to hospital during the Swedish DJ's performance at the TD Garden in Boston, as per reports in the Boston Globe.

According to emergency workers on the scene, the injuries were primarily due to "dehydration, alcohol and drug use". They also specified that all of the injuries appeared to be minor.

This is the second time in little over a month that an AVICII concert has led to mass hospitalisation for concertgoers, after twenty-nine people sought treatment at the DJ's Toronto performance last month.

Michael Bosse of the Boston Emergency Services told the Boston Globe that more than 50 people were treated on the scene, with 36 being deemed serious enough to require transportation to hospital. The majority of the injured were aged between 16 and 25.

The incident was treated as a 'Level 2 Mass Casualty', according to the Boston Public Health Commission as quoted by Rolling Stone, the term used to mobilise local hospitals that they will have a steady stream of incoming patients with similar symptoms.

Gig attendees noted "at least 15 ambulances lined up outside the TD Garden".

There was a one-beer limit at the venue but a worker at the TD Garden apparently confirmed that fans were turning up to the arena heavily intoxicated and that there was "vomit everywhere".

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(via Boston Globe)