Handbags, lads.

Multi-millionaire DJs Zedd and Diplo have engaged in a spot of good ol' fashioned internet feuding, all because of an M&Ms ad.

It all started when Zedd collaborated with soul singer Aloe Blacc on a new version of 'The Candy Man' from 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory'. They both feature in the M&Ms ad that it's used in - a move that didn't go down with Diplo.

He accused Zedd of ripping off Australian producer Flume on Twitter yesterday, saying:



Zedd responded with the succinct riposte below:


Of course, motormouth Deadmau5 also had to weigh in, referring to Diplo's recent collaboration with Justin Bieber:



Diplo wasn't quite finished, however...



Watch the offending ad below: