So, after all the bitching, tabloid stories and erratic solo albums, the inevitable has happened - Destiny's Child are back together again. Sadly, like most re-unions, it turns out to be a better idea in theory than in practice. Perhaps it's because they've run out of ideas, perhaps it's because Beyonce Knowles is demanding too much control - whatever the reason, Destiny Fulfilled just doesn't have the verve or freshness of earlier efforts. It starts off well, in fairness, with the exhilarating Bollywood-style 'Lose My Breath' and the agreeably funky 'Soldier', the latter featuring an excellent guest appearance from rapper Li'l Wayne. But from there on in, it's mostly a series of disappointingly slushy ballads, whose sickly chocolate box lyrics don't even begin to do justice to the girls' vocal talents. Time to shut up shop for good, perhaps?