Once in a while, a band come along with songs that are so instantaneously marvellous, you can't help but fall in love with them. They're the kind of songs that are installed in your mental jukebox and subsequently soundtrack your walk to work, your lunch break, your daily bathroom ablutions and even your dreams. Delorentos are such a band. The North Co. Dublin quartet have been steadily building a committed fanbase since their inception in 2004 (their appearance at last year's Hard Working Class Heroes festival saw the Temple Bar Music Centre packed to the rafters), which is no mean feat for an unsigned band. Now the quartet - which centres on the blistering raw talent of co-frontmen Ro Yourell and Kieran McGuinness - have released their album on their own small label, having distributed their debut EP Leave It On (October 2005) and single The Rules (May 2006) in the same manner. The long-awaited In Love With Detail is a collection of twelve brilliantly-crafted uptempo alt-rock tunes with a dark edge. Opener Any Other Way lulls the listener into a false sense of security, Yourell's tenuous, melancholic trill paving the way for the flurry of snappy riffs that Delorentos excel at creating; Eustace Street's siren-like hook sees McGuinness's beefier, weighted vocals swathed in a jerky, insistent melody; Basis of Everything's addictive opening chords incite instant adoration, while revised arrangements of singles The Rules and Leave It On provide those familiar with the material with something new. Even live favourites - the gorgeous Stop, and breezy number Hands Off the Boy are as gratifying on record as they are in person. The co-vocalists work superbly well, their respective idiosyncrasies complimenting the other superbly - not to mention their spot-on harmonies - while the tighter-than-a-nun's-knickers rhythm section play a huge part in honing the distinctive Delorentos sound. In Love with Detail is immediate in its power and sheer enthusiasm; it's obvious that this is a band who love what they're doing. One listen to this album - surely one of 2007's best - and forget detail; you'll be In Love With Delorentos.