With his money made and his reputation secured, David Byrne is more or less free to do whatever he wants. Now in his 50s, the former Talking Head has re-invented himself as a sort of highbrow musical tourist, roaming the world in search of new influences for his erudite solo albums. So at one point on Grown Backwards we find him indulging in some distinctly odd opera experiments, crooning out versions of Verdi and Bizet with the aid of singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright. Elsewhere he covers American alt-country outfit Lambchop with evident pleasure, while his own material is the kind of baroque pop that Noel Coward would surely be tapping his feet to were he around today. Lyrically, meanwhile, Byrne is as intriguing as ever, turning out a string of curious metaphors and unexpected punchlines. You may only understand half of Grown Backwards - but you'll certainly enjoy all of it.