Singer also announces that famed producer Rick Rubin worked on the album.

Damien Rice will release his third album (and first in nearly eight years) on Halloween night. The album was produced by Rice and Rick Rubin, a fixture in the music industry who has worked on material with everyone from Johnny Cash to Jay Z.

Explaining the long gap between his records, Rice said: "Sometimes you have to step away from what you love in order to learn how to love it again." He said that fans would constantly ask him when his next album was coming out, Rice thought a more pertinent question was "why make an album at all?"

Sometime over the last couple of years Rice found the answer to his question and in these songs, Rice says, he found himself "[singing] straight into the metaphorical mirror".

The recording process with producer Rubin began in Los Angeles and finished up in Iceland. “I came to Rick mostly based on what I didn't know about him, rather than what I did,” describes Rice.

"For some reason I just had a feeling that I would feel comfortable being open and being me and being vulnerable with Rick." Rubin, meanwhile, first saw Rice play live around the release of O, and recalls that “he was my favorite new artist at the time. A lot of our work together was to help him see what was so clear to everyone else in the room."

Rice then went from Los Angeles to Iceland and assembled a cast of friends and local musicians to complete 'My Favourite Faded Fantasy' against the stunning backdrop of Reykjavik.