After years of churning out under-whelming stoner rock albums, it appears that Cypress Hill have finally woken up. Till Death Do Us Part is a surprisingly lively effort that sees the Latino veterans experimenting with everything from dancehall to gangsta-rap, with consistently exciting results. True, the subject matter is much the same as it's always been - guns, drugs and the harshness of life in the ghetto. Unlike some would-be working-class heroes, however, Cypress Hill actually sound as if they know what they're talking about, and their sombre tales of urban violence have a dark, brooding power. B-Real's nasal twang is as engaging as ever, while guests Damien 'Son of Bob' Marley and Tim Armstrong of Rancid are both deployed to good effect. Without a doubt, their best album since 1993's seminal Black Sunday - and an encouraging sign for the future.