Back from the crack joints and side streets that they undoubtedly inhabit in their imaginations, the 'Hill are back. 'Back with more pictures of skulls and marijuana leaves. Back with the appearance of particularly pissed-off doormen,' as the NME put it. Skull and Bones is Cyprus Hill's fifth album. While the music is no to different than it's ever been, Muggs, B-Real and Sen Dog have decided to diversify. They have a crack at taking on Ricky Martin at his own game in an attempt to get some of the Spanish-speaking market in tune with their message, and while one-half of the album is the kind of hip-hop that they've sold 12 million albums on the back of, the other half attempts to steal a march on funk-metalers Korn, Limp Bizkit et al. Oh, and did I mention Eminem's on here? Well, you probably get the picture already.