It ain't over until the country music star sings...

So first it's three gigs, then it's no gigs, now it's all the gigs again, seemingly, as residents around Croke Park are now saying that they would be happy to sign a petition to get all the original five nights re-instated, according to The Journal

There have already been a few twists and turns so far, but this latest one comes as a bit of a surprise. However, speaking to The Journal, Councillor Gary Gannon, who represents the local area, said that the residents were upset that they were being portrayed negatively in the media, and that "to demonstrate the type of neighbourly respect to Croke Park which they have never shown to us", they would like to sign the petition so that hundreds of thousands of fans wouldn't be left disappointed by the gigs being called off. 

There are still some conditions to be met however before they put pen to paper, and those include the full implementation of the Mulvey report, which called for €500,000 to be given to the area for regeneration in the form of a legacy grant, as well as a formal apology for the "lack of respect" shown to the residents by Croke Park. 

Via The Journal