Rock and roll rivalries don't get much frostier than the Dave Grohl and Courtney Love feud which has been bubbling over for nearly twenty years. The two have been embroiled in a series of very public legal rows since Kurt Cobain's death, principally around the subject of ownership of Nirvana's catalogue.

Love and Grohl embraced at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony earlier this year during Nirvana's induction in a very public display of hatchet-burying but Courtney revealed to Pitchfork last month that they initially reconciled backstage.

"On my way to the bathroom I saw Grohl, and Grohl saw me, and he came up to me... I was like, 'All right, no matter what happens, we're not going to be bastards'. That was my attitude going in, and obviously his. Not much else needs to be said. We just both knew it was time to let it go, and we were ready to do it.

"It's been 20 years. We didn't even talk at the funeral. None of us. And so...20 years of Dave bashing, and me bashing making it worse, all that sh*t. The legal stuff, the trial. We just buried it. It was really deep."

Now, over at Cannes Lions '14 (world's biggest annual awards show and festival for the creative communications industry), Love commented further when shown a picture of Grohl by a reporter, saying "It's time to make amends."

Courtney Love will turn 50 years old next month and, with this new found tempered character of hers, has age finally mellowed one of rock music's most controversial stars?

(via NME)