It was noted with much irony that Arctic Monkeys (this year's most hyped act) were plugging Corinne Bailey Rae (this year's second most hyped act) in a recent issue of a weekly UK music rag. However, while the former's debut offering just about substantiated the brouhaha, the Leeds lass has far to go until the comparisons with Billie Holiday are justified. A collection of eleven unexceptional soul-lite songs, Corinne Bailey Rae is an album for people with Norah Jones and Jamie Cullum in their 'Music for Dinner Parties' CD collection. It's a huge pity, because there's obviously a capacity to make a great album within Bailey Rae; vocally, if not lyrically, she impresses, sounding at times like a balmier Macy Gray. However, the production here has failed her, stripped her of her potential dynamism and made insipid, flavourless mush out of what could have been a gourmet meal. Funky uptempo numbers Put Your Records On and I'd Like To come close to the gutsy sassiness that would have made all the difference -a vocal and lyrical quality that someone like Amy Winehouse has in spades; but banal ballads Choux Pastry Heart and Enchantment, with their hackneyed, ostentatious tone are typical of the prevalent demeanour throughout the album. A glance at Amazon tells us that a) At least one customer is delighted to find a record that 'you can listen to with your girly mates or other half over a glass of wine' and b) Customers who have bought this have also bought: James Blunt, Jack Johnson and Van Morrison. Yeah, that'd be about right.