Despite the growing popularity of hip-hop music here, genuine Irish rappers are still a bit thin on the ground. So there's certainly a big novelty factor surrounding Is Ainm Dom, the debut album from Swords wideboy Alan 'Collie' Collins. While his American rivals are droning on about bitches and bling-bling culture, Collie is more concerned with buying boxer shorts in Dunnes, the price of a pint and the unreliablity of the Dublin Bus timetable. On a more serious level, he turns in angry rants about the city's drug culture and his lack of success with the ladies. It's never less than interesting, but over the course of the album it becomes clear that his rudimentary raps are long on energy and outrage and low on wit or insight. A respectable calling card, but if Collie wants to turn this into a career he probably needs to broaden his horizons a little.