An online petition is underway from his fans in support of the singer in the wake of recent child sex abuse allegations.

There's a chance you might see Cliff Richard's 1992 hit song 'I Still Believe In You' back atop the charts once more after fans of the crooner have set the wheels in motion on an online petition began to take hold on social media over the weekend.

The petition, which appeared on a Cliff Richard Facebook tribute page, asked fans to buy the song on iTunes between the 18th and 22nd August, saying: "No excuses, if you love Cliff then make it your goal to show everyone how proud we are of him. Let's fight back for Cliff."

This petition is a fan backlash against last week's news that Richards' UK home was searched by police in light of allegations of child sex abuse in the 1980s linked to the singer. Richards, who has not been arrested, has vehemently denied the allegations, telling Channel 4 news: "For many months I have been aware of allegations against me. The allegations are completely false".

It was revealed that Richards had been under investigation by police for more than a year prior to last week's raid.

During its initial run, Richards' 'I Still Believe In You' spent six weeks in the charts and reached a highest placement of #7.