Having sold over 20,000 units through word of mouth despite residing on import status in Europe for the past five months, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's eponymous debut finally gets an official release this side of the Atlantic this week. The Brooklyn five piece - their name taken from graffiti daubed on a NY wall - were last year's hidden treasures, inasmuch as they failed to make a considerable breakthrough through lack of major label backing. Despite this, their star has been firmly on the ascent, and is guaranteed to continue its distension throughout the year. With their collection of twelve offbeat and eccentrically-titled tracks (The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth, Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood), CYHSY left it too late to be the groundbreakers that the Arcade Fire were last year. Still, though they may plough a well-tended furrow, their offbeat indie-pop, teamed with Alec Ounsworth's kooky vocals and lyrics like 'There is nothing left to fear, Now that Bigfoot is captured' ensure that they'll secure a place in the hearts of misfit indie fans everywhere. Though Ounsworth's volatile whine can be almost too much to bear at times, and their sound owes much to Talking Heads (Over and Over Again), a more jovial Arcade Fire (Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away) and even a touch of Nick Cave (Details Of The War), it remains consistent throughout. Altogether, it's just enough to make you forget the absolutely dreadful cover art. If you're not already one of the converted, you'd do worse than to clap your hands on this.