Falling out of nightclubs, rowing with her mum, giving her ex the two fingers - even Liam Gallagher has had to admit that Charlotte Church is a model of bad behaviour. No surprise, then, that the party-loving Welsh soprano wants to ditch the classical singing for a while and break into the rather less constrained world of pop. It's just a pity that Tissues and Issues does such a bad job of capturing her sassy personality. There are far too many anodyne ballads here, weighed down by lyrical cliches and an unbearably sugary production. Much, much better are the handful of screw-you disco tracks and moody torch songs that finally allow her pitch-perfect voice to take flight. Church clearly fancies becoming the next Kylie Minogue. If she doesn't get the balance right next time out, she's more likely to end up the next Aled Jones instead.