Busted are what you might call a different kind of boy-band. Rowdy, brattish and terminally immature, the British trio have enjoyed remarkable success with their primitive punk-pop tunes about such burning issues as bodily functions and under-age sex. Daft as they are though, Charlie Simpson and co are at least pretty entertaining - and certainly smarter than their closest American counterparts, Blink 182. A Present For Everyone sticks fairly closely to the template of their bestselling debut, with plenty of lusty odes to the joys of teenage life that are short, sharp and to the point. To keep things fresh, however, they've thrown a couple of new elements into the mix, introducing a harder rock sound on some tracks and even including a couple of charmingly soft-hearted ballads without losing their cool too much. Not the most profound contribution to the charts you'll hear this year - but certainly one of the more enjoyable.