Broken Social Scene is quite a collective - physically (17 band members plus 4 guests), artistically (the album's art work is childlike and cheeky) and musically (so many musicians, so many sounds). But how could it be any other way? It began with a merry band of friends - Kevin Drew, Charles Spearin, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff and Bill Priddle - who between them form elements of numerous other bands including KC Accidental, Do Make Say Think, Junior Blue, Treble Charger and Valley of the Giants. Since then BSS have developed into a super-collective of various musicians and the results are astounding. Restless, energetic, diverse and completely consuming, the BSS swing between instrumental pieces and savage lyrics, with clamorous brass, strings, percussion and wind instruments. The Toronto based ensemble is experimental, all encompassing, emotional and not afraid to show it. Rich, varied, uplifting and distressed Broken Social Scene's fourth album takes a few listens to germinate, but it is a worthwhile endeavour. Many bands struggle to make these many different and wonderful noises throughout their entire careers; music does not get much better than this.