A lot of bands like to claim that they don't fit into any scene. For British Sea Power, that's a bit of an understatement. Their stage shows feature fake trees and giant bear costumes. In interviews they like to discuss modern European history and the joys of hillwalking. And they write songs, not about girls and drugs, but cures for insominia and collapsing coastal shelves. Yes, BSP are in a world of their own alright, and at times they're a little too out there for their own good. When they cut back on the clever-clever experimentalism, however, they're capable of producing epic pop songs, with swooning piano arrangements and graceful, whispery vocals. At a time when so many indie bands are copying the Coldplay/Keane/Snow Patrol formula, with increasingly dreary results, there's something inspiring about an outfit so determined to travel their own, eccentric path. Adventurous spirits should rush to make their acquaintance.