There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst U2 fans earlier this year, when the iconic 'U2 wall' at Windmill Lane was demolished.

The studio complex in its entirety - where the band part-recorded albums like 'Boy' and 'The Joshua Tree' - was razed in April, but at least one good thing will come of Dublin losing one of its best-known musical landmarks.

The wall, on which U2 fans from all over the world travelled to see and daub their own graffiti upon, has been saved and will be sold off to fans after studio boss Paddy Dunning (who owns Co. Westmeath's Grouse Lodge Studios and Sun Studios in Temple Bar) approached the construction company with a proposal.

The Irish Sun reports that the money raised from the sales will go to good causes, while part of the wall will go on display at the Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum Experience in Temple Bar.

Info on buying bricks from the U2 wall will be made available soon via