It's been six years since Westlife parted ways and even longer (14 years) since they parted ways with former member Brian McFadden - but that doesn't mean that he's not keen to reconcile, especially when a 'major deal' is involved.

McFadden told the Irish Sun that a seven-figure sum was on the table for a reunion of all five original members of the boyband, but that his former bandmates - Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne - turned it down.

"I was offered a big multi-million pound deal. It was the other boys in Westlife who said 'no'. They didn't want me back," he said. "How does that make me feel? It makes me pretty upset because I didn't realise they still had those feelings towards me."

McFadden also posted a series of now-deleted tweets claiming that "ego was destroying a full Westlife reunion."

"Dear fans and people who have supported us when we had bloody nothing. Your [sic] the kings and queens who are us and we love you," he wrote. "But I completely Underatand that the group see them selfs as a four piece.but let's be honest. Ego is destroying a full Westlife reunion [sic]."

He clarified his comments by later saying: "For the record. I have spoken to senior members of the westlife project saying a major offer is on the table for a 5 man reunion. That's fine but you have to respect the wishes of shane mark nick and Kian. If they only want to be a four piece I respect that."

He then responded to a fan on Twitter who asked for a full reunion by saying that the other members of the band have a "complex against [him]":

In recent years, McFadden has presented a daytime TV show called 'Who's Doing the Dishes?' where contestants have to guess the identity of the 'celeb' cooking a meal for them, as well as touring with Boyzone's Keith Duffy under the 'Boyzlife' banner.