You just never know what you're going to get with Will Oldham. Having released albums under a bewildering number of different names, mostly some variation on the word Palace, the self-styled Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has now decided to re-record a selection of his favourite old songs with some top country session musicians. This might seem like a typically perverse decision, since Oldham's rather creepy tales of loneliness and sexual jealousy are about as far removed from contemporary Nashville as you can hope to get. In the event, however, the experiment turns out surprisingly well - songs that originally saw the light of day on scratchy, lo-fi recordings sound just as good dressed up in their shiny new clothes. If anything, the hillbilly guitars and jaunty violins only serve to highlight the staggering bleakness of Oldham's nihilistic lyrics. So, if you're sick to the gills of cheesy pop music, get your hands on this - it's the unlikeliest greatest hits collection you'll ever hear in your life.