Bobby Conn is a one-off. A diminutive young man who spends much of his time laid low by serious illness, he's still managed to make a series of particularly garish glam-rock albums that make The Darkness look like a bunch of lily-livered wimps. The Chicago native also espouses a radical political philosophy, which to his fans makes him the music world's answer to Michael Moore. On his fourth album he gives full vent to his anger, belting out a series of bombastic diatribes against capitalism, gun culture and American imperialism. It won't exactly have George Bush quaking in his Texan boots, but at least Conn manages to carry it all off with a fair degree of style. And in his wilder flights of fancy, such as combining choral humming with heavy metal riffs, the only fair comparison is with the late, great Frank Zappa. Over the top? Sure - but it would be a shame if today's music industry can't find room for a character as eccentric, individual and downright entertaining as this one.