Beyoncé was left stuck on the stage following a concert in Warsaw, Poland, after a technical malfunction impeded her exit from the gig.

The superstar is currently performing her On the Run II tour with hubby Jay-Z.

The incident occurred on Saturday and allowed viewers to get an extra few minutes with the Queen Bee when she was stranded on top of a risen stage with no way to get down.

Luckily, those Poles are quick thinking and soon provided the singer with a ladder to climb down.

Attendees caught the incident on camera. From the looks of things, Beyonce was initially hesitant but kept spirits up (even blowing kisses to the audience and doing a little dance at one point) in spite of the snafu.

As one Tweeter said, “Poland has a long history of people doing things in an unconventional manner in order to succeed. Tonight @Beyonce joins them by taking an emergency ladder to leave the stage.”




The On the Run II tour kicked off on June 6th in Cardiff.

Beyoncé and Jay Z released a joint album to coincide with the tour as well as a music video for the single 'APE**IT' (which has, of course, already become a meme).