See? This is why we're fans of Beyoncé - because she's a woman who tells is like it is.

Coldplay were recently in the news for admitting that David Bowie once turned down a song of theirs to collaborate on because he told Chris Martin 'It's not one of your best.'"

Now, it turns out that Beyoncé also turned them down for similar reasons.

Chris Martin revealed in a new Rolling Stone interview how he had previously sent her a song called 'Hook Up', and she didn't like it. "In the sweetest possible way, she told me, 'I really like you -- but this is awful"," he said.

Not sure it's doing much for your credibility by admitting all of the famous people who think your songs are crap, Chris, but whatever...

Beyoncé does feature on Coldplay's new single 'Hymn for the Weekend', however, so they eventually found some common ground.