For teenagers of a certain age, MTV series 'Pimp My Ride' was exactly the sort of mindless brain fodder that you could watch on repeat instead of doing your homework like you were supposed to.

It helped that it was repeated pretty much non-stop on the channel in the years after it aired in the States.

However, the series - which ran from 2004 - 2007 and saw rapper Xzibit facilitate the 'pimping out' of a person's car by getting his team of mechanics to add ridiculous features to their rustbuckets - has been finished for a lonnnnng time now, although there have been various international spin-offs without Xzibit presenting.

It's safe to say that he's drawn a line under that part of his career, which he demonstrated on Twitter the other day.

See the exchange below:



In fairness to the rapper, it's something that he probably gets quite a lot of - although the floodgates have now opened, which he only has himself to blame for.

@xzibit hey can you pimp my ride 😂😂

— Chad Borcherding (@ChadChadborch) March 22, 2016