Is Pete Doherty a bohemian genius or just a self-destructive waster? Finally, the Babyshambles album tells us the answer - he's both. There are some truly brilliant moments here: rousing rockabilly, compelling tunes and self-mythologising lyrics that make English streetlife sound impossibly beautiful and glamorous. His backing band, meanwhile turn out to be far more versatile than the Libertines ever were. But the production (courtesy of the Clash's Mick Jones) is unforgivably slapdash, full of bum notes and off-key vocals. And although it's 64 minutes long, a good third of the tracks here are little more than stoned rackets that few people will need to hear more than once. So, Doherty continues to tread a fine line between triumph and disaster - and this album can only be described as a bit of both.