It took her several days to get there, but Azealia Banks eventually saw the error of her ways and apologised for he

As you may recall, the American rapper went on a vicious Twitter rant last week against former boyband member Zayn Malik, aiming vile racist and homophobic slurs in his direction.

She also insulted the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga in subsequent tweets, leading to her Twitter account to be suspended. At time of writing, it has still not been re-activated. She was also dropped from the bill of a UK festival that she was due to headline this summer, with organisers quickly distancing themselves from her.

However, her Instagram profile is still active and she has used it to offer an apology for 'insulting millions of people' - but not mentioning Malik specifically.



She played a gig in Istanbul over the weekend and admitted that she was "a bit nervous to hit the stage so quickly after the controversy", but "the crowd was magical and the rain refreshing."

None of the objects of her derision and subsequent apology have commented.