How times change. A couple of years ago Avril Lavigne was being marketed as a grittier, naughtier version of Britney Spears. Now Britney's virginal image is just a distant memory, while on her latest single 'Don't Tell Me' Avril orders an over-excited suitor to move off her bed pronto. Yes, the Canadian teenage star is as feisty as ever - but while her bestselling debut album had a skater-punk vibe to it, the follow-up sees her grappling with rather more adult problems, with a more corporate sound to match. Under My Skin follows the FM rock template fairly closely, with quiet verses, ear-splitting choruses and bawling vocals that will have Lavigne's many fans punching the air with delight. Still, the fact that most of her songs are written by someone else does make you wonder just how much of her rebel-girl image has been carefully manufactured by some scheming record company executive. Avril herself is still a star - but her music is only skin-deep.