Arab Strap's musical formula may not be particularly radio-friendly, but it is original - against a backdrop of stoned guitars, a depressed Scotsman drones on about his favourite drugs and his sexual failures. Quite a surprise, then, that the Falkirk trio have made it as far as their sixth album - although to be fair, this time they've decided to lighten the mood a little. The Last Romance is shorter and more immediate than anything they've done before, with some uplifting strings and guest vocals from newcomer Nicola MacLeod. Before long, however, singer Aidan Moffat is back in full on ranting mode, dragging the proceedings down into the kind of post-coital squalor that you'll either fully identify with or find just a bit sordid. They're certainly one of a kind - but, then again, one Arab Strap is probably all you need.