Baltimore indie band Animal Collective will release their new album this Friday.

The experimental foursome's last studio album was 2012's 'Centipede Hz', but while they're in the midst of working on the follow-up, they've decided to release a live album.

'Live at 9:30' was recorded on June 12, 2013 at Washington D.C.'s 9:30 music venue, and the tracklisting is below:

01 Amanita (Live)
02 Did You See the Words (Live)
03 Honeycomb (Live)
04 My Girls (Live)
05 Moonjock (Live)
06 New Town Burnout (Live)
07 I Think I Can (Live)
08 Pulleys (Live)
09 What Would I Want? Sky (Live)
10 Peacebone (Live)
11 Monkey Riches (Live)
12 Brothersport (Live)
13 The Purple Bottle (Live)


Hear 'Did You See the Words' below: