Just when we thought that the Garth Brooks debacle had reached its rather unsatisfying climax it appears that the door has been left ajar for the possibility of the Croke Park concerts still taking place.

Today's Irish Times reports that an Taoiseach Enda Kenny would consider intervening in the matter by either calling, or taking a call from, Garth Brooks to try and broker a deal which would allow some or all of the concerts to take place. Kenny, though, ruled out passing emergency legislation last night at a Fine Gael meeting when the matter was raised.

The Minister for Tourism Leo Varadkar has offered to travel to the United States if necessary, as the events would generate as much as €15 million if they go ahead as planned.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke mentioned on RTE's Morning Ireland earlier today that the Mexican ambassador has also offered his services at a "diplomatic level", while he also mentioned that a group of residents from Ballybough intend to contact President Barack Obama directly to ask him to plead with Garth Brooks to play the concerts.

Brooks said yesterday evening in an open letter that he would still play the concerts if the five scheduled dates were allowed to go ahead. His equipment and crew are currently on their way to Ireland.

This is the latest glimmer of hope that Brooks fans have for the concerts to still take place but one has the feeling that a definitive decision on this must be announced very soon to avoid stringing along the 400,000 music fans who've unfortunately been caught up in the legal haranguing which has plagued these shows.