We all thought we had bid farewell to the manic days of Oxegen, which was just like Electric Picnic really. If Electric Picnic was HELL ON EARTH.

Okay, it wasn't so bad, just because people got stabbed and tents were regularly set on fire doesn't mean that there wasn't some redeeming features to it.... I had a nice burger there once. Oh no wait, sorry, that was the Picnic.

So we had quietly hoped and prayed that the good people of Ireland had seen the last of Oxegen after it didn't go ahead last year. Until this Facebook page was set up and proceeded to make fools of all. It can't be coming back, can it??

Relax though, it's just those old jesters on the interweb fooling us again, as the page is indeed a fake. A pretty good one though. They have fake competitions going, as well as a pretty impressive fake lineup including the likes of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and The Prodigy.

It currently has almost 7,000 likes too. Well played, fake Oxegen Facebook page, well played.

Festivals in Ireland 2015