Well this is a rather ingenious move, isn't it?

alt-J, who regular readers will know are one of our favourite bands here at entertainment.ie, have today released a smartphone app (for both Android and iOS) which will allow users to stream a copy of the band's upcoming new album 'This Is All Yours' directly to your device - so long as you're at a pre-approved location in your city.

Once download, users open a map of their city which will show you locations nearby which have been designated as 'blast zones', places where the album will stream directly to your phone. Once your phone detects that you're in the right location, you can listen to their new album. It really is as simple as that.

It's a great piece of viral marketing. We won't spoil as to where the Dublin locations are, but there are three and they're all pretty accessible from the centre of the city.

Download the application for ANDROID or iOS.