The first-ever All Together Now festival takes place this coming weekend in the grounds of the Curraghmore Estate in Co. Waterford - but alongside the impressive music, comedy, arts and family-friendly programme, organisers are placing a particular emphasis on sustainability.

If you've been to any festival before you'll be aware that one of the more depressing aspects is seeing the mounds of rubbish and plastic cups mounting up as the weekend progresses - but ATN is starting as it means to go on, saying: "In order to leave as small a footprint as possible, of both the carbon and physical nature, we are taking some drastic initiatives to reduce our waste, recycle and use environmentally friendly, compostable materials at our festival."

You can read about some of those initiatives below:

Plastic is NOT always fantastic 
"To combat the large volume of plastic that is normally produced at a festival, we have decided that stringent measures are required. All Together Now has decided that we will NOT be providing any plastic materials at our festival including plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic food packaging, plastic cups etc. In general, plastic equates to around 10 percent of the total waste we generate, however, at All Together Now our goal is to make sure we produce far less than the industry standard."

ATN Eco Water
"It has taken us time and research to find a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles which would be suitable and fit for use for our festival. We are proud to offer our environmentally friendly and fully recyclable ‘Eco Water’ which will be available at all outlets at the festival. Eco Water packaging is more sustainable than using traditional water bottles (even the ones we recycle). The carton is made of 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable – even the cap! The water, sourced from the Teutoburg forest in Germany is also of a high standard and is a registered mineral water. Drinking water available at designated points around the festival including main arenas and campsites. Eco Water cartons are reusable and can be refilled at these points."

Good Intent
"We are partnering with Good Intent who will be bringing you a new cardboard camping option, this is a completely new way of thinking about a product! The KarTent is designed in a circular fashion! The cardboard from KarTent is used in several applications, such as boxes in the logistics industry, or festival gadgets for you to enjoy. In the end of it’s life, the tent can be fully recycled! We build up your KarTent for you before you arrive! That means that you can immediately start enjoying your festival as soon as you arrive! Because the tent is made of cardboard, it stays fresh in the morning! The material blocks the sunlight, ensuring a good night’s rest! Details on the good intent on sale coming very soon via the"

Traders and Vendors
"One negative consequence of traditional festival food is that it creates a large volume of waste packaging (and litter) and at All Together Now we want to combat this as much as we possibly can. We want to reduce this non-reusable waste and increase the amount of recycling in this aspect of the festival. In order to do this, all of our Traders and Vendors will be expected to use fully compostable and recyclable materials during the festival. This includes plates, knives and forks, cups etc. Coffee and Beer Cups produce a large portion of the non-recyclable waste at festivals. All Together Now has excluded any single-use cups being provided on the festival site. All cups used will be fully compostable and/or recyclable. We have been able to implement this with the cooperation of our sponsors and partners who are also working with us to instill this initiative."

"Recycling is a key factor to All Together Now implementing its sustainable initiatives. It allows us to reduce the volume of non-recycled waste leaving the festival site as well minimising any damage done to the immediate environment or the potential for damage from its disposal. Recycling in the last decade has become an inherent part of many people’s daily routine and at festivals, our attitude shouldn’t change. We will be providing Compost, Glass, Can and Paper recycling facilities at All Together Now. We encourage our attendees to bring as little plastic as possible and to make use of the plastic recycling facilities we have on site - to help us cut down on as little plastic as possible being left behind and damaging the surrounding environment.

Camping areas cause some of the highest volumes of waste in a festival. While tents and camping equipment are not fully recyclable – they are fully reusable. We ask that you bring your camping equipment home or donate it to your local charity to be reused again."

Waste Disposal
"Recycling and Waste Disposal will be provided by Panda. Further details on this will be announced shortly."

Cigarette Butts
"Cleaning up after our festivals is a fundamental part of our festival success. We are committed to leaving the areas we use for All Together Now, unscathed. Cigarettes butts damage the immediate environment, as well as being unsightly in an area of natural beauty. Cleaning up cigarette butts after a festival is very labour and time intensive for our cleaners and diminish the focus on other key clean up efforts. Sand barrels will be located at all main festival areas and we would be grateful for your help and consideration in our efforts to protect the local flora and fauna."

Grab A Lift
"We are mindful that with 15,000 attendees attending Curraghmore for the festival days, there will be a large increase in traffic volume around the site. Public Transport and Carpooling are useful and sustainable ways of traveling and we would encourage you to take those methods of transport where possible. We are partnering with the following companies in an effort to reduce the traffic volume and imposition the locality of Portlaw."

"We are partnering with a private bus operator who will be providing regular bus services from Waterford to All Together Now. Bus times will be listed on our website shortly."

"We will be providing designated car parks at All Together Now. We would ask you to be mindful of local residents and park in designated car parks."

Carpool (Karaoke NOT included!)
"We are partnering with GoCarShare to provide Carpool options. More details will be announced shortly."