So-Called Chaos is Alanis Morissette's so-called comeback. If it doesn't quite work, it's probably because the outspoken Canadian simply isn't as interesting as she used to be. With her personal problems long behind her, Alanis's fourth 'grown-up' album is filled with therapy-speak, New Age psychobabble and gooey love songs that would make most Eurovision entries seem edgy by comparison. Meanwhile, the pulsating hooks that made Jagged Little Pill such a huge hit have been replaced by droning sitars and bland stadium rock. On the plus side, there are a few pleasant melodies here and even occasional flashes of self-deprecating humour. But the problem is, Alanis was beautiful when she was angry - and now that she's found happiness, even the naked bodysuit she wore at a recent awards ceremony can't stop her looking ordinary. Frankly, she could do with a bit more chaos in her life.