Jagged Little Pill was the angst-ridden, ball-breaking, 30 million-selling album that briefly made Alanis Morissette the perfect role model for any girl who's ever been jilted. Sadly, she's done nothing remotely as good since - which is presumably why she's been reduced to releasing an acoustic version of the original, just in time for the tenth anniversary. It doesn't seem like a very good idea in theory, and it's even worse in practice - stripping these vitriolic songs down robs them of all their energy and draws too much attention to the woefully clumsy lyrics (as comedian Ed Byrne has memorably observed, the events outlined in 'Ironic' are anything but). So, if you liked the album in the first place, you'll find it all a bit pointless, and if you didn't you're not going to be interested anyway. Either way, this pill is just a bit too hard to swallow.