After the cool reception given to their last album, 10,000 Hertz Legend, Parisian duo Air had some catching up to do in the credibility stakes. Thankfully, Talkie Walkie more than delivers - it's an absolutely hypnotic collection of sublimely-crafted mood pieces that confirms Nicolas Godin and J.B Dunckel as masters of cinematic pop. It may sound a little insubstantial at first, due to the absence of either guest vocalists or any singles as instantly catchy as 'Sexy Boy'. But repeated listens uncover its many charms, with dreamy melodies, lush instrumentals and eerie space-age sound effects. The only real problem is with the duo's vocals, which are occasionally a little too stage-French for comfort. This quibble aside, Talkie Walkie is one of the most straightforwardly lovely listening experiences of the year - expect it to soundtrack dozens of television ads until well into 2005.