The name Agnetha Faltskog may not mean a whole lot to younger readers, but add on 'the blonde one out of Abba' and we all know who we're talking about. Thirty years after the Eurovision Song Contest launched the Swedes on their all-conquering career, Faltskog has become a virtual recluse who's rarely seen in public, never mind a recording studio. So, while her first solo album since 1989 is a bit on the bland side, in the absence of an Abba reunion it's a lot better than nothing. My Colouring Book is entirely made up of tasteful MOR covers from the 60s, including songs first made famous by likes of The Searchers, Frank Sinatra and Cilla Black. Hardly the most exciting material, it's true - but age has done nothing to wither Faltskog's remarkable voice, its fragility underlined by her beautiful Scandinavian pronunciation. So, Agnetha can still sing. Now, any chance of someone writing her a few more pop classics?