Being an Aerosmith fan must get pretty confusing at times. First, your favourite stadium rockers party just a little too hard and find themselves in rehab. Then, they emerge as kings of the power ballad, becoming the world's most unlikely pin-ups in the process. Now, they've decided to cash in on the current vogue for blues-rock by releasing a covers album of old-time standards. So we get balls-out version of Bo Diddley's 'Road Runner', Big Joe Williams's 'Baby, Please Don't Go' and 'You Gotta Move', first made famous by Aerosmith's spiritual heroes the Rolling Stones. Guitars screech, drums pound and Steven Tyler still sings as if he's expecting to pass out any moment now. It's not exactly life-changing stuff, but it's played with such conviction that it's hard not to be swept along by the band's sheer enthusiasm for the material. Good fun - but God only knows what they'll come up with next.