You've probably never heard of Adem Ilhan, but as one half of Fridge (along with Fourtet's Kieran Hebden), he's produced some of the best post-rock albums of recent years. Now he's decided to strike out on his own - and the results are so good, you wish he'd done it years ago. Fridge fans may get a bit of a shock, since this is essentially an acoustic folk record with just the occasional piece of studio wizardry to hint at its author's origins. Much more important, however, are the songs themselves - warm, intimate and quietly spellbinding. Adem's quavering voice isn't exactly classically trained, but it's got a homespun charm that suits his childlike compositions perfectly. The ghost of Syd Barrett hovers throughout this album, and it's got a great big smile on its face. A small but perfectly-formed gem, that deserves far more attention than it'll probably get.