It hasn't even been out a full week, but Adele's '25' is already blowing expectations out of the water - at least in terms of sales, if not musically.

The album is on course to be the UK's fastest-selling album ever, clocking up 500,000 units in just three days as of yesterday. In comparison, it took her four weeks to surpass the same figure with '21', and that album went on to sell 30 million copies worldwide.

The current UK record for most sales in a week is held by Oasis for their third album 'Be Here Now', which sold 619,000 copies in its first week in 1997. Otherwise, the only other album to sell more than 500,000 in its opening week was Take That's 'Progress' in 2010, which sold 519,000 units.

With Adele notching up those massive figures in just three days, it's probably safe to say that she's going to put the Brothers Gallagher in the ha'penny place.