There'll be something of an LCD Soundsystem reunion at Electric Picnic this weekend. After their last Picnic performance as a band back in 2010, LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy and Nancy Whang will both return to Stradbally this weekend for solo DJ sets.

You'll be able to catch James Murphy's two hour set in the Electric Arena on Friday evening from 10pm and Nancy will be housed inside the Casa Bacardi area from 6.30pm on Sunday.

We caught up with Whang for a brief chat ahead of the weekend and below is what went down.

This won't be your first Picnic. What are your memories from Picnic's past, and what will you be playing?

I just remember that the crowds are really great there and I can't wait to get back. In a nutshell, I play a lot of music from New York in the 70's - disco, that kinda thing. A lot of things would dictate my set; what time of day it is, what the feeling in the room is.

Was one of the reasons for James deciding to fold the band that he wanted to slow down?

I wouldn't say he wanted to slow down, I just think that the things he is working on are manifesting differently. He's quite busy; I never see him because he's never here and if he is here, he's always in the studio working on some project or another. That's the reason why we finished the band because there were these other projects that we wanted to work on. For me, after LCD there was a couple of years of decompressing - it was a very quiet time for me and I feel like it's just now starting to pick up again. It's super exciting but I also feel a little nervous about it.

How so?

Well, I've grown so accustomed to not doing anything! Now all of a sudden there are all these things that I have to do - and I'm really proud of that.

A lot of people who will be at your show at Electric Picnic will have presumably seen the 'Shut Up and Play the Hits' documentary about LCD Soundsystem's last show. What was that night like for you as a member of the band?

It was SO FUN. A really fun time. The last couple of months before it was pretty intense. It was all prep and rehearsal. We were up on stage for about three hours, so there was a lot of planning that needed to be done and a lot things that needed to be organised. The payoff was so gratifying, not just for it being our last show but it being the culmination of all this intensive work.

Thanks and see you Sunday, Nancy!

Thanks, I can't wait!

Nancy Whang plays the Casa Bacardi area of Electric Picnic this Sunday at 6.30pm.